Rock, Paper, Scissors

I’ve been married to Emory for a little over two years now and I must admit, it still feels brand new.  I haven’t seen my twenties in a long time but when I am around him, I sure feel like a young woman again.  Many times we get in bed and begin our nightly chats only to end up laughing uncontrollably.  I’ve never experienced anything like him before in my life (and I’m grateful).  And so this laughter sparked an idea in my head.  The question that needed answering:  Who was going to turn off the light after all the laughter was gone?

Up until this time, the last person in the bed had to turn off the light… was usually me.  I think he did that on purpose (smiling).  So I wanted to kind of even out the playing field and this is where my rock, paper, scissors idea came into play.  Of course when I suggested the game, he gave me this what kind of look.  Emory thought I was joking at first and just said, “Turn off the light”.  Well being a woman and wanting my way, I didn’t let up until he played with me.  I WON!  The next night we played and I won again.  I think I beat him the first four times we played.  By this time, his competitive nature has kicked in right?  He does occasionally win but for some reason I can “smoke” him playing rock, paper, scissors.

It has been over a year now and we’re still playing this game and hardly ever miss a night.  To some people, this may seem totally childish and silly.  Is it?  Maybe, but what I do know is that I love my time with my husband and want to make it as special as possible.  Most of our days are consumed with serious decisions like handling a crisis one of our children has created, so this is a time where we can be carefree and have no worries. No matter what the day has brought us, we have a wonderful opportunity to end it on a positive note.

Life is so short and we have a limited amount of time, so I want my days with Emory to count.



12 comments on “Rock, Paper, Scissors

  1. Yvonne says:

    Loved this post! What a fun and creative way to end your nights. Like you, one of my favorite moments is also when my husband and I laugh and share our thoughts before bed.

  2. So cute! My son and husband do RPS for just about everything, I think it’s time for me to get in on the action!

  3. I love that in wanting to make time with your husband count you have chosen to spend that time playing. Wonderful!

  4. adrianpam says:

    How fun! I love finding opportunities for Adrian to laugh and have fun. Trust me, you have found the secret. Even after 40 years, we have a ball together. People are always surprised how old we actually are, and I’m convinced it’s our relationship that keeps us so young.

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