Not One, But Two……

Auburn University College of BusinessMy dream of going to college is finally a plan in action and it humbles me to know what God is doing for me. He graciously hand picks every class and professor because each one thus far exceeds any expectation I’ve had.  Having said that, it certainly isn’t cheap to attend college and I don’t qualify for any financial aid.  I must rely on the trusty student loan to help get me through this journey. So when it came time to apply for scholarships, I said, “Why not?”

For the College of Business scholarship, I had to write a 600 word essay on what I would do with a $1,000.  I simply wrote from the heart telling of my experience working at Women’s Hope Medical Clinic for the last year and a half and how I to speak to young people about goals and plans.  I write that my hope is to show them dreams can come true because I’m living proof.  I continue with the $1,000 could really become perpetual if enough children would inspire others to do the same thing. The essay ended with me saying, “I didn’t have anyone like this coming to my school to show me how important it is to have a plan and maybe if I had I wouldn’t be 41 and in college.”

I’m happy to say that I received a letter from Auburn University yesterday and not only did I receive the College of Business scholarship, the Auburn Board of Trustees gave me one too!  Have you ever had that one moment in your life where you felt accomplished?  Yesterday will forever be high on my list.  God is showing me everyday that if your plans are His plans, you can’t go wrong.


7 comments on “Not One, But Two……

  1. So happy for you, congratulations! How timely, to have this happen during the Easter season, a time of renewal and rebirth. You’re an inspiration.

    • I’m pretty excited myself! My hope would be that everyone sees how God is working in my life and He will do that for everyone else. Hope you have a great Easter.

  2. Yvonne says:

    A huge congratulations!! You have inspired me! Guess what I received yesterday in my inbox? An email just for junior/senior Sociology majors to apply for the Dick Soderland Scholarship “Against All Odds Scholarship”. I’m going to give this opportunity a shot because I figure I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. God is doing beautiful things in your life!

  3. 2b14u says:

    That is wonderful news. Congrats!
    Auburn? I live in Foley!!

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