What Did You Just Ask Me?

  I’m not allowed to talk about God.  I can’t tell them He is the real answer to leading a fulfilled life.  I can’t tell them that although people here on earth will let us down, we serve a God whose love is never-ending.  If I did, I would be asked to leave and never get invited back.  Where in the United States are we not allowed to talk about God?  It’s in the school system.  So what did I do when asked a question about a sensitive subject?

For the last year or so, I’ve been teaching abstinence only and healthy relationships to youth groups around my community and to junior high students within our county school system. Some say it’s a miracle for Women’s Hope Medical Clinic being allowed in the schools at all.  Maybe it’s because we are in the deep south where it is still acceptable to have prayer before a football game or graduation, but I’d like to think it’s because God is in control and desires for His children to know the truth.  God wants us to show these young people that they can have hope.

While I can’t bring the subject of God up, it doesn’t mean I can’t respond if someone says something like, “The Bible says that you shouldn’t have sex before marriage.”  I will agree with the student but really I am the facilitator of this conversation and the students are the ones doing the talking.  Again, God is doing His work and I’m just the tool in which it’s done.

During one class  as I explained some of the consequences of sex before marriage, I get the question, “What is an abortion?”  I simply answer, “It’s when someone decides for the baby to come out before it’s ready.”  I can see their heads shaking as they ponder over my answer but I wasn’t expecting the next question, especially coming from the teacher when he asked, “Do you think abortion is murder?”  I decided to act like Jesus and speak in a parable and just told a story.  I told them of an experience I had many years ago while working as a sonographer.  I spoke of a patient needing an amniocentesis and my job entailed directing the physician to a “good pocket of fluid”.  A perfect site is found and I could see the needle with the ultrasound (you don’t want the needle near the baby’s head or back).  While monitoring this procedure, the baby kicked and hit the needle with its foot.  The baby started moving around almost in a frantic like state.  The doctor quickly pulled the needle back flush with the uterus until the baby calmed down (which was about 5 minutes) and once the baby settled down, we resumed the procedure.  That’s where I ended the story.

I believe in self-discovery.  I could have stood up there and given those students an answer but feel lessons are better learned if a person can figure it on their own and not someone telling them what to think.  I didn’t want them to mourn for the baby that is gone and then hate the mother for deciding to end the pregnancy.  Jesus loves both the mother and baby equally and my job is to give those students tools on how to make good decisions for their lives, not condemn another person for their choices.

The students seemed satisfied with the answer and many made remarks of their opinion of the situation which is exactly what I wanted to happen.  I’m thankful to God for bringing that story to my mind so quickly because it’s probably been over 15 years ago since it happened but that’s how much He loves us.  He had already prepared me for that day, I just didn’t know it.


6 comments on “What Did You Just Ask Me?

  1. I don’t like the fact they are taking God out of everything! It’s wrong. This country was founded on a promise George Washington made to God. And now he’s being taken out of everything.

  2. K.S. Ballou says:

    I do love how He prepares us without us even knowing. This is GREAT!

  3. Diane says:

    I volunteer at a Christ centered Crisis Pregnancy Center in my town, I do not do the Great to Wait Program that goes around to different schools in the area but I am a client advocate for the women and men who walk through the door at the center. God truly does prepare us, and uses everything for his goodness and glory! I always wanted to be a counselor but was told by my “boyfriend” at the time that I could never be a counselor, I didnt have a rough life, I never struggled I would never be able to relate to people who really need help. I believed him BUT now I am able to relate with these lost women and help them! Thank you Jesus for using the ugly dark times in my life all for your GOOD and glory! Thank you for sharing this story:)

    • kathylashley says:

      Congratulations on finding the courage to get out of a bad relationship and deciding to turn it around and share your story with others. What a blessing! I’m glad the boyfriend didn’t become the husband. God stepped in and saved you.

      My journey is similar to yours but I did marry that “boyfriend” and stayed in the relationship for 18 years but you know what? It just makes my story that much more powerful!

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