The Day I Wore The Hat And Carried The Broom

As I walk by the tables in the corridors of the college, students drop their heads probably silently saying, “Please don’t stop, please don’t stop.”  Walking from building to building many students are handing out information about their organization or cause. They see me coming and quickly turn the other way or just act like I don’t exist as I pass by.  Do I have wart on my nose and a big black hat while carrying a broom?

No, but I might as well.  I probably remind them of their mother and they just don’t know how to approach me.  Well a person can only let this happen so long before you just have to do something about it right?  Plus, I need a little excitement in my life from time to time and that day seemed as good as any.

I entered the College of Business and a young woman and man dressed in business suits stood at the door.  It wasn’t unusual to see the suits but it did seem odd they were by the door just standing.  Anyway, I passed them without a single word and almost turned the corner when I heard her say, “Here is some information on “Jane” (not her real name) and we would like for you to vote for her in the upcoming student elections.”  I stopped dead in my tracks. Should I say something or do I just keep walking?  Nope, I’m saying something.

I’ve been dismissed by these young ones for over a year now and that’s long enough.  I’m a student too!  Can’t they see that? I turned around and asked, “Do I not look like a student?”  Let me say here neither one of them really didn’t know what to say or even how to handle this awkward situation I just created.  The girl looks at the guy and then back at me and replies, “No.”  Picture me now with my authoritative “momma” voice telling her, “Well I am!”  “Can’t you see this bright pink book bag on my back?”  By this time I know she’s thinking that I’m completely nuts and probably unstable.  She then does the only thing she knows to do and asks me if I want the pamphlet.  I told her, “Not now.”  “Your gonna miss my vote” and turned and walked away (smiling of course).

If I have to carry around the hat and broom, I might as well use it.


12 comments on “The Day I Wore The Hat And Carried The Broom

  1. Girl I had no idea school was like that! You look like a beautiful coed! You must look different because you actually wear clothes that cover some of your body and don’t look like you just rolled out of bed. Seriously though – what?!!!

  2. seakist says:

    Good for you! Age-ism sucks. I was victim to it when I worked as a journalist at a local newspaper. When I first started working there, there were a variety of ages. Then some seasoned editors and writers left and four college-graduates came on board and so began cliques and younger people trashing the ideas of older people. It was an awful experience, but it led me to leave and start my own business (which is very successful and growing each year). Just hold your head up high! Don’t worry about how they act towards you, it sounds like they are probably jealous anyway. Older women have a priceless security about them that younger women will never have until they experience life more.

    • kathylashley says:

      What’s funny though is once I’m in the classroom with them it’s a totally different story. We chat and “make friends” quickly. It’s just when I’m in the hallways or walking from building to building it occurs. I don’t let it bother me (much) because I probably acted the same way when I was that age….You’re right about older women being more secure. I wouldn’t go back to my 20’s for anything! Thanks for commenting. It’s always nice to get support from someone who understands. Congratulations on your business. I pray you continue to prosper!

  3. Coach Sue says:

    Good for you for challenging the younger students! Just like Malcolm Gladwell says in his book “Blink,” you make assumptions in the blink of an eye. I hope they learned a valuable lesson.

    Sue Bock

  4. Bird says:

    Tag, you’re it! Somehow, I ended up in a game of tag and I’m now tagging you! Here is the link with the rules and the one question I picked out for you to answer… 🙂

    — Bird

  5. Andrea Frazer says:

    I spent quite a bit of time at UCLA today and I felt so OLD compared to these kids. I wondered if I looked that young in college. At any rate, good for you for going to school no matter what age! And I guarantee you’re still younger than me. Sigh… 🙂

    • kathylashley says:

      We probably did look that young and while we may be older, hopefully we can inspire someone that nothing is impossible if you go for it! Oh don’t worry about your age, it’s only a number and just think of what value you will create in the classrooms with all of your life experience. Good luck on your journey and be sure to have fun!

  6. Sebastian says:

    Hello…thank you for following my blog at Faith1st Ministry. I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st. — Sebastian

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