Get up! Get Moving!

If you’re reading this that means your living and have breath inside of you.  Are you happy about that?  You should be.  That means you have an opportunity to make a difference not only in your life but in the lives of other people.  Don’t stay on your sofa all day waiting on something great to happen and wonder why it never does!

For me, I believe I’m here on this earth to meet the needs of other people.  I find when I’m helping someone  it is these times of my life where I feel complete.

You may not feel that you should work with people and that’s okay, but God has placed a gift inside of you and no matter what it is, if you’re not using it….well, what a waste!

Get up!  Get moving!  Do something even if it’s a little something!  Live a life of freedom and don’t be trapped by the lies of the world telling you that you will never amount to anything.  God sees great things inside all of you!

I hope everyone has a blessed day!




7 comments on “Get up! Get Moving!

  1. Thank you for such inspiring post, and I truly hope more people would be more aware about taking initiative, nothing is more beautiful than helping a person in need, or even better, helping people to become more embracing, giving and open…

    • kathylashley says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more Hussein! I work for a non-profit and it is great to know that I can show people God’s love and encourage them to believe in themselves again. Thanks for the comments!

  2. thanks for the extra boost of motivation this morning! 🙂

  3. Sue Bock says:

    Woo Hoo! You go Kathy!. My sentiments exactly. Keep getting high out of helping others. They need you.

    Sue Bock

  4. Kathy, you’re an inspiration. You couldn’t have said this any better.

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