Five Friday Night Fast and Fun Facts!

Fact Number 1:  I have 5 more class days and I will be finished with this 5 week semester which normally is a 16 week semester that’s been crammed into 5 weeks.

Fact Number 2:  The next 5 week semester will begin the following Monday!…….Pray for me because I’ll be taking business analytics which is a fancy name for statistics.  (Did I mention I STINK at math?  I still cross out ten to make it a nine and carry my whatever.

Fact Number 3:  I have crocheted 6 hats this week!

Fact Number 4:  Tomorrow I’ll wake up early and get my house neat and clean and head towards the lake to ride in the boat all day long with my good-looking husband.  We’ll be soaking up the wonderful sunshine that God beam’s out of our big blue sky here in Alabama.

Fact Number 5:  If you’re reading this that means you are my blogging friend, so I’d like to say a big ole’ southern hey!  I’m glad you came to see me!  Stop in and hang out a while.  Leave me a comment telling me how great you are and what’s the best thing about you.  I’d love to hear it and share your fact with all my other friends.



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8 comments on “Five Friday Night Fast and Fun Facts!

  1. Bird says:

    Ok. I don’t consider myself great, but I will tell you that today is my birthday. Normally, I don’t tell people, but this year, I’m going to mention it. I am feeling the need to change some old habits. 🙂

  2. seakist says:

    Enjoy your boat ride with that handsome husband, that sounds right up my ally! 🙂

  3. Genie says:

    I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to grow out of crossing my tens. At least I still don’t use my fingers to count…much. lol

  4. Coach Sue says:

    Kathy, you have a kindred soul. Math was never my strong point and I hated stats. Good luck with the class. What’s your ultimate goal?

    • kathylashley says:

      I’ve been a sonographer for the last 20 years. I’m a registered vascular sonographer and will probably go back into the same field. I plan to get a BS in Management and really, the degree is something personal and the opportunity came and I finally stepped outside of my comfort zone and went for it! This stats class is my last “math” so I should be home free after this. Thanks for your comments as they are always supportive and encouraging. I appreciate it!

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