Quit Second Guessing Yourself

People always seem to be full of so many regrets for the decisions they have made in the past.  Why did I do that?  What was I thinking?  Sure, some of those questions may be justified, but have you ever thought that maybe at the time you made that decision it was the right one?  Why is it only afterwards we decide it’s bad?  Is it because the outcome wasn’t what we wanted?

You can waste so much of your time and energy living in regret.  I know because I’ve done it before and it kept me feeling guilty all the time.  I now choose to live differently but it certainly took a concentrated effort on my part to make the change.  Fortunately, I finally have the right people in my life to help me through this transition.

Do I now make the right decisions all the time.  Maybe, maybe not but what I do know is that I don’t spend countless hours trying to decide whether I should have done something differently.  I finally accept the fact that at the time of making a significant choice it seemed like the right thing to do and let it go at that.

Enjoy your life to the fullest and if you can learn from your choices in life and not dwell on it and move on, well, you’ve accomplished something.  But here’s the thing……there is no crystal ball so don’t beat yourself up!  Life is a journey and we all need to live A Life of Freedom!


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16 comments on “Quit Second Guessing Yourself

  1. seakist says:

    Beautiful post! As the saying goes, “In hindsight you were always right.” I live with no regrets 🙂

  2. jenlutar says:

    This sure hits close to home, and I’m glad you wrote and posted this!! I’m going to be reading this over, and over, for a while, as I need to learn to not ‘dwell’ on things, and the choices I’ve made. Not let the bumps in the road disturb my every-day life. Thank you for posting this …. It makes me believe it is possible to find true contentment within myself 🙂

    • kathylashley says:

      You can find contentment within yourself darling. Just start by taking small baby steps! I’ve been there myself and understand how hard it can be but once you change your thinking…..how things can really be different!

  3. jenlutar says:

    Your blog is one of my very favorite 🙂 And, so inspiring. YOU are inspiring to me. I’m starting to believe that things are going to go the way I want, sooner than I thought. But, baby steps, forsure.

    • kathylashley says:

      Positive thinking is a key to success! Changing is a process and one that takes time. Glad that you are believing in yourself! You should! Thanks for sharing my blog on your Facebook! I appreciate all your kinds words and I’m glad that you can get something from my journey in life. Trust God and He will see you through!

  4. jenlutar says:

    OH, and I shared this post on my facebook wall because I feel SO many can probably relate to this. I LOVE this post 😉

  5. You are so right, guilt is crippling! We need to take the lessons from our “mistakes” apply them and don’t look back! I have a dear friend who is always second guessing herself and caring way too much what others think of her – I can see how much time she spends obsessing over this stuff and I call her on it all the time! She knows she does it but can’t help herself; it makes me sad.

  6. Coach Sue says:

    Second guessing yourself is analyzing how you can be perfect. It really serves no purpose. What is more useful to be curious how you will do it differently next time and move on.

    Sue Bock

  7. Yvonne says:

    Amen to your post! My husband and I talk often about how our thoughts can often take reign and get us stuck in a rut or imagined drama if we allow it. It’s good to be aware and not let thoughts of the past, or regrets, stump our chance of enjoying the life God is giving us now.

  8. Coach Sue says:

    I’ve nominated you for the “Super Sweet Award” It will be posted this friday.
    Sue Bock

  9. Great Post…. Mistake can either be devastating or inspiring. It’s just how you look at the situation.. Take Care and God Bless 🙂

  10. kathylashley says:

    Thanks for the comment morningstory! I totally agree with you! God Bless you right back!

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