Just a Small View of Me

It was in the 7th grade when Mrs. Watts taught me to crochet.  It’s hard to imagine that was 30 years ago this year!  I can remember when I would be crocheting, people would say, “That’s what an old woman does for a hobby”.  Well, I didn’t care then and I certainly don’t now.  I can easily spend an enormous amount of time lost in the making of a hat, scarf or blanket.  All of my thoughts just seem to focus on what I am doing and not the craziness of life.  Guess that’s why I’ve crocheted a lot lately!

I just wanted to share a little piece of myself in one of my favorite pass times!



4 comments on “Just a Small View of Me

  1. whittymomma says:

    I love that scarf at the top! Would you mind sharing the pattern?

  2. mississhippi says:

    Hi Kathy, I know what you mean about other people thinking you were doing ‘grandma’ things when you were younger and knitting or crocheting or some other handicraft. My mum worked at a handcraft warehouse so I had access to all things crafty from a very young age. I think that is why it means so much to me now. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t doing something crafty. In fact, if I’m sitting down with nothing in my hands I feel kind of lost, so I too lose myself in crochet or knitting or art. There is a sense of peace in creating.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful crochet work.

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