I did it! I Graduated from Auburn University!

I wrote this blog on my ELK Studio page but wanted to share it with you!!!

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When I began my journey in August/2010, I wasn’t sure if I would ever really graduate.  Have you ever wanted something so badly that you thought it would never happen?  Well that was me.  My life (like probably many other people) hasn’t been smooth.  I’ve been through rough times these past twenty years but proud to say that I am who I am today because of it.  I don’t dwell on all that negative junk because it’s just too depressing.  I decided to quit listening to untruths spoken about me.  Jesus knows my heart and what I stand for and once I let that go my life has been so successful.

I want to take a few minutes to thank my husband, Emory.  We married over 3 years ago and I finally know what it’s like to truly be loved by another human being.  He loves me good days, bad…

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