She’s Building Our Testimony

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned.  Of course you can either give up or just trust in God.  You can read the Bible, you can pray and tell yourself you have lots of faith but what about when it gets tested?  Will you pass the test or start trying to fix things yourself?  My journey with my new grand-baby, Dakotah, is certainly a testing of my faith, but I have decided to trust God because He created her exactly the way He intended.  He never makes mistakes and He certainly didn’t start with her.  She is the most beautiful baby and while she doesn’t know it, she’s building a wonderful testimony in our family.  I haven’t asked for a miracle because I already see one in my sweet baby girl.

Kristin calls, “Mom, come get me, my water broke.”  Her husband, David was at work and it seemed quicker for me to take her to the hospital and have him meet us there.  As I arrived to the house, things were calm.  That’s just the way our family works.  We don’t panic or freak out when a big event happens.  We just deal with it whether it’s a good  or bad situation.  I helped get her things together and out the door we went.  As I pulled up to the hospital, I could see David waiting on us.  After giving my motherly instructions, I kissed my baby and left.  David and Kristin decided this time to not have the huge crowd at the hospital  A big change for me since last time I was actually in the room watching the birth of my other grand-daughter Jayden.  Again my faith in God allowed me to support their decision and just be a praying mom, mother-in-law and grandmother to the people I love.

As the play by-play text messages came, around 4:00 p.m. that afternoon the “one” came.  It was a gorgeous picture of Dakotah.  I eventually spoke with Kristin and she invited us to come see the baby.  Thrilled, Emory and I headed out the door and to the hospital.  On the way to the hospital the phone rang.  “Mom, something’s wrong with Dakotah.”  I wasn’t sure what to do or say.  We’ve never had anything wrong with our babies.  She told me Dakotah had been born with a cleft palate.  Our conversation went on for another few minutes and I told her I would be there as quickly as I could and we hung up.  Tears began filling my eyes and I wasn’t sure what to think.  I immediately began calling out to God asking him for strength.

We walked into the hospital room and began discussing how we were going to take care of Dakotah and meet her needs.  There really wasn’t any reason for sadness  if we were to trust God.  So what does this mean for her having been born with a cleft palate ?  Of course, Dakotah was in no imminent danger and we had time to digest everything.  The doctors biggest concern was her ability to eat.  Everything inside was open from the floor of her mouth to the roof of her nose.  But looking at her, you couldn’t tell anything was wrong.  God had spared her face.  From the outside you see beautiful lips and a perfect little nose.  I left that night knowing it would be fine.  God made her special and if He made her this way, He would also make a way for her to eat.

There are special bottles designed for cleft palate babies, so He was meeting Dakotah’s needs  Our next journey was to see all the specialists at the Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.  It was a good visit and as each specialist came in, they gave my daughter their plans for her.  Everyone agreed that if she could eat and keep up her weight, it’s best to wait around 9 months of age to do the reconstructive surgery.  I reminded Kristin of how God specially made her and He has a plan.

So it’s back to the local doctor visits and again she is gaining weight but just not enough.  I would like to take my hat off to my daughter now and say that she is the best mother.  She’s been keeping up with her intake and tirelessly pushing her to eat more and it’s working.  She goes to the doctor next week and I’m sure they her progress will be pleasing.  You can actually see tiny rolls starting to develop in her little legs.  I know she’s gained weight and look forward to what they doctors have to say.  She looks healthy, she’s attentive and has even started cooing.

But here’s the thing, even if her appointment doesn’t go well next week, I still believe God has things under control.  I’ve never been this calm in a situation such as this.  God has truly prepared my heart and given me faith to know that Dakotah will be fine.  She’ll have the surgery and be over it before she’s one and won’t remember any of it.  The only memories will stay in the minds of the adults who had to watch her go through this tough journey.  I don’t know what the  future holds and have no idea if there are any issues we don’t know about yet, but what I do know is that through all of this I have put my trust in God.  He knows what’s going on with her and will make a way for her just like He does for everyone.  I am grateful for my grand-baby and especially how God is showing me to rely on him for my strength.

I would like to thank Jenny Rogers from JProgers Photography for taking such beautiful pictures of Dakotah.  Thanks Jenny.