These Shoes Saved the Day!

Whew…..another semester down and 3 more to go!

I thought I would share a funny story about what I did yesterday now that I have time to breathe after such a brutal week of 2 major projects, 2 tests, and 2 essays.

So yesterday morning I had an 8am final that I knew was going to be pretty tough and I had studied the night before as much as my brain would allow. I get up on time and get ready for school and although I usually eat breakfast, this week has been stressful and I haven’t been hungry.  My poor husband had fixed me pancakes and I tried but nope….couldn’t do it.  Thanks goodness he loves me anyway. 🙂

Emory walks me to the truck and I’m headed to take the final.  Keep in mind that I live 35 minutes from campus.  I left at 7:10am and get half way to school when I look down at my feet.  Guess what?  I have NO shoes on!  What in the world am I going to do?  It’s too late to turn around because I’d never get there on time!  Who does this?  Who forgets to put their shoes on?  My husband, I’ve got to call my husband!  Where’s the phone!  I can’t find my cell phone!  Oh wait…it’s in my lap.  Okay, Okay….I can do this!  I’ll get him to bring the shoes!  Yea that’s it!  By this time I look at the clock it’s 7:30.  Since he is a State Trooper and was working do you think this calls for blue lights?  Yes, of course it does!  (In my dreams because that would be breaking the law!)

There’s no way even if I do get him on the phone there would be time for him to bring me shoes.  Did I happen to mention that I live in the COUNTRY and the only thing I would pass is a CVS pharmacy?  I’m still calling him because at this point I’m needing some moral support right?  As we are talking this out, I look over and what do I see?  Could it be?  Yes!  Yes!  There’s a pair of heels in the floor board!  Shouts of thank you go out to the Lord!  Once again He planned for my careless brain!  As I said my goodbye to hubby, I could still hear him laughing at me.

I thought I would share some reactions from the people who love me.

  • My sister tells me, “Well you are from the country.”  My response was, “What would I have done had I not had those heels, gone barefoot?”  (Don’t put it past me and my jeans were long enough, maybe no one would notice much).
  • My sister-in-law said, “That’s worse than wearing two different color shoes to work.” I told her “Thanks you’ve made me feel SOOOO much better.”
  • My friend Christina says, “That’s worse than a naked dream come true but a REAL woman has a pair of heels handy.” I said to Christina, ” I am a REAL woman but really a woman who takes her shoes off in the car and doesn’t clean it out.”

It takes me a good 10-15 minutes after parking to get to the classroom because we (students) have to park in the back 40 of the campus!  I strut my stuff walking to that classroom.  There’s just something about slipping on a pair of heels that your personality changes (at least for me) and after this fiasco of a morning, I needed to feel in charge!  I got a few stares but who cares?  At least I was looking good, which is more than I can say about many of the college girls I see (but that’s another post).

I took my test and pranced out the door in my Ferragamo shoes!   

Living this life of freedom allows me to tell these silly stories where in the past I would’ve never even dared to tell.  I’m glad that I’ve come to a place where I can finally laugh at myself.  It sure makes it more fun!

Good Men Really Do Exist

Life is good.  Prior to marrying Emory, I read many of the Nicolas Sparks novels in search of a glimmer of hope. True love must surely exist or how could Nick possibly write such great love stories? Someone, somewhere must have experienced it right?  Finally after many years, trials, and heartaches, I understand real love.

Caution to the reader.  What you are about to read could make you gag.  After a couple of lines you may just quit reading and say, “No one gets treated like that.”  You may even laugh and call me a liar.  My hope would be that you see love is real and if I can find it, so can you.  So here we go.

Every morning I wake up to my husband bringing me a diet coke in the bed. As I am getting ready, Emory is preparing my breakfast and no it’s not just a bowl of cereal. Sometimes it’s pancakes, waffles, sausage or even grits because that’s what we eat in the south.  I know what you’re thinking….well is that what makes you feel loved?  Yes and no.  Yes because I love being spoiled and having someone do nice things for me, but no in the sense that I don’t measure his love by what he does.  It would be impossible to measure that, although he always tells me he loves me more.

It’s his consistency.  For almost three years he’s treated me the same way everyday without fail.  At first my head was full of skepticism.  Like every other woman who suffered a failed marriage, I thought it would be only a matter of time before the “real” Emory rose to the surface.  To my delight, acting like a gentleman is just his nature.

Emory has been an Alabama State Trooper for the last 23 years so strength, honor and courage are three words that greatly define his character.  Every traffic stop has the potential of going bad, but yet he does it anyway.  He works all the overtime possible to make up for me working part-time.  He cleans the house, does the laundry and cooks dinner every night so I can study.  He supports my dreams and is willing to make sacrifices to see them come true.

I owe so much to him for my well-being.  My thoughts are finally clear and my life is coming together.  I feel safe, fear has left me (for the most part), and I am now able to trust another person.  Bottom line, I have a great man who is truly a gift from God.  He understands scripture and what it means to love a woman.  I’m grateful God sent this man to me and for his dedication to our marriage.  His love helps me everyday to recover from the many years of mental abuse I endured in my previous marriage.

I dedicate this post to my husband.  I thank him for showing me the real meaning of love.

Does anyone do that special something for you?  I’d love to hear about it.